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my hearts a stereo
it beats for you, so listen close

YUUKO: (N)ame, (Noun):
DEFINITION: 1. that one girl with the extensive porn collection. 2. the friend you go to when you want to have someone be a retard withtalk with someone. 3. the crazy cat lady that lives down the street.

YUUKO IS: obnoxious - polite - writer - annoying - loving - caring - never gonna give you up - pirate at heart - uncontainable - sexually frustrated - pagan/wiccan - pot smoker - cute - unable to sing - doesn't want to sleep when BFFs are on even if she needs to - bipolar - sarcastic - slacker - gamer - amusing - retardedsilly - firebrand - chicken butt - friend to many - 95% lesbian - 1% pansexual - 4% fuck you I do what I want - selective narcoleptic - addicted to music - fanfiction writer - role player

food, sweet chilli heat doritos, pineapple-head, phoenixes, role playing, friends, one piece, music, crazy people, politeness, love, grammar, friends, nakama, family, chicken, kisses, bffs, lazy days, slacking off, sometimes homework, video games, animanga, teriyaki beef/chicken sushi
school, stupid people, rude people, people in general, fish, raw fish, cooked veggies, homophobs

a nightmare on elm street, repo! the genetic opera, sherlock holmes (2009), zombieland, american psycho, district 9, american history x, inglorious basterds, silent hill, shawn of the dead, pirates of the caribbean(1-4), halloween (original), syfy's 'alice', cloverfield, dead silence, beetlejuice, the princess bride, ring, saw I-VI, se7en, the producers, kung-fu panda, fight club, x-men: origins, x-men, hide and seek, sixth sense, disney's hercules, disney's tp&tf, disney's aladdin, the nightmare before christmas, queen of the damned, underworld, harry potter (1-7-2), zombieland,
house md, bones, grey's anatomy, criminal minds, one piece, gankutsuou, criminal minds, charmed, tiger&bunny, hana yori dango (jdrama), hana yori dango (anime)
the zombie survival guide, the vampire chronicles, world war z, Looking For Group volume 1-3, any wiccan/pagan books i can get my hands on, AMERICA (the book), I Am America and So Can You, Shiki, bleach, dogs: bullets&carnage, hana yori dango (manga), deadpool (comics), hanna is not a boy's name, hellsing, d.gray-man

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[LOKI/LEO THE LION ] from FAIRY TAIL blew my mind with his magic powaahs.</font>

The How's My Driving?Meme

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, ace, american psycho, animal medicine cards, animanga, anime, anne rice, art, beetlejuice, bffs, bleach, blue birds, bones, books on witchcraft, cauldrons, charmed, chicken, crack, craziness, crazy people, crystals, d&d, d.gray-man, dead silence, disney, dogs, dogs: bullets and carnage, drawing, druidism, druids, dungeons and dragons, family, fang/vanille, femme-slash, ffxiii, fight club, final fantasy, final fantasy ii, final fantasy vii, final fantasy x/x-2, food, freddy krueger, friends, gankutsuou, garp, gold/red, gold/silver, grammar, homosexuals, hope/lightning, horror movies, house md, inglorious basterds, kisses, kurosaki ichigo, laziness, lazy days, least i could do, lesbianism, lesbians, looking for group, love, luffy, marco, max brooks, mr. potatohead, music, nakama, nami, natsuno/ozaki, natsuno/tatsumi, natsuno/tohru, new age, nightmare on elm street, one piece, oral history of wwz, ozaki/chizuru, ozaki/seishin, ozaki/tatsumi, pagan beliefs, paganism, phoenixes, pineapple-head, pirates of the caribbean, pokemon adventures, pokemon diamond, pokemon heart gold, pokemon pearl, pokemon platinum, pokemon soul silver, politeness, protection, queen of the damned, rayne summers, reading, red/green, role playing, samhain, saw i-vi, se7en, seishin/sunako, sengoku, shawn of the dead, sherlock holmes (2009), shiki, silent hill, silvers, sixth sense, slacking off, slash, smoker, sometimes homework, spells, sush., sweet chilli heat doritos, tabletop rpg, tarot cards, thatch, the metaphysical, the nightmare before christmas, the occult, the princess bride, the zombie survival guide, video games, whitebeard, wicca, witches, women, writing, x-men, x-men: origins, zangetsu, zombieland, zombies, zoro

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